Sunday, November 29, 2009

officially christmas mode

This weekend makes me smile every year. This is when all the bah-humbugs of my early christmas decorations bite the bullet and put up thier own. Yes, my lights have been up since Nov. 1st, since that was the day jersey was 75 degrees... as a self proclaimed "girlie girl" this past year I have been working on roughing it more, that means putting up my own lights (yay me) however taking them down in freezing cold weather is not something im looking forward to...maybe by next year! I live near "Martel's Winter Wonderland" and let me tell you that house puts me to shame with their light display!! (...thinking about going over tonight since its so warm) but this DITTO lights are so freaking funny! L0ove it.

Friday, November 27, 2009

running of the bulls...

"I'm not running toward the sale , I'm running away!!! I'm first in line, have you seen those crazy people with carts behind me??"- running of the bulls black friday style

Happy black Friday! so it's 9pm and i still cant feel my feet! but let me rewind to thursday after dinner, i went to mcstews for blues night. Checked out FLAMIN' HARRY & the ROADHOUSE ROCKERS! ( ) I have never been exposed to blues music before, Blues is not going to make my presets but deff mix tape worthy, it has a funky edge that my old soul loves. hehe. so @ 1:30 am was in line at Walmart. i LOVE the thill of a crowd in the morning. made friends in line and could not stop laughing that walmart employees had "Event Staff" tshirts! crowd was pretty normal until 4:55 the had a few moments of panic partly because i was 4th in line and that was deff "crush zone" didn't get hurt (thanks security) also got everything i wanted!!

Headed over to Menlo Park Mall had a great time there and Loved the FREE vitamin water & made a killing yay =) Saturday im going over to Target.. great dvd sale going on just didn't make the friday list.

Monday, November 16, 2009


Hi. My name is Stephanie Daniell and I'm super excited to finally launch! Here, you'll get the latest info on all my favorite stuff- fashion trends, new food discoveries, celebrity dirt, beauty, and whatever ridiculous bag I'm obsessing over at the moment (which is all a bit too frequent these days). All of this, along with random unimportant details like, pictures, videos, audio, and whatever else comes to mind on any given day. What you see, watch and hear on the radio, is what you'll be getting on Let me start off by giving you a little background about myself, I live in Hamilton New Jersey, Septemberfest is what I look forward to all year! I do believe that us girls from jersey are more than fabulous, we are jersey fabulous! I'm a student @ Empire Beauty School of Bordentown. (insert you big hair jersey hair joke here...). In short,I take life as it comes.. one day at a time.