Friday, November 27, 2009

running of the bulls...

"I'm not running toward the sale , I'm running away!!! I'm first in line, have you seen those crazy people with carts behind me??"- running of the bulls black friday style

Happy black Friday! so it's 9pm and i still cant feel my feet! but let me rewind to thursday after dinner, i went to mcstews for blues night. Checked out FLAMIN' HARRY & the ROADHOUSE ROCKERS! ( ) I have never been exposed to blues music before, Blues is not going to make my presets but deff mix tape worthy, it has a funky edge that my old soul loves. hehe. so @ 1:30 am was in line at Walmart. i LOVE the thill of a crowd in the morning. made friends in line and could not stop laughing that walmart employees had "Event Staff" tshirts! crowd was pretty normal until 4:55 the had a few moments of panic partly because i was 4th in line and that was deff "crush zone" didn't get hurt (thanks security) also got everything i wanted!!

Headed over to Menlo Park Mall had a great time there and Loved the FREE vitamin water & made a killing yay =) Saturday im going over to Target.. great dvd sale going on just didn't make the friday list.

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